Councillor Fiona O'Donnell (East Lothian IJB Chair) and Peter Murray (East Lothian IJB Vice Chair) offer heartfelt thanks to all ELHSCP staff

Councillor Fiona O'Donnell and Peter Murray issued this letter of thanks to all ELHSCP staff...

Dear Health and Social Care Partnership Staff

Peter and I in our roles as Chair and Vice Chair of the IJB are in regular contact with the IJB Chief Officer, Alison MacDonald, who describes the huge effort all Health and Social Care Partnership staff are putting in to care for communities all over East Lothian.  In particular, we have heard and seen how hard you have worked over the festive period.

It is difficult to list every HSCP profession or role who provide the excellent care in this very challenging time. The IJB is rightfully proud of all your contributions and we wanted you to know how much every single contribution you have made, and will make in supporting East Lothian communities, is appreciated.

We are used to hearing of the plans to cope with the extra pressures which winter brings. This year you have had to cope with the additional impact of the pandemic on the people you care for and the people you work with.

Many of you have also been involved in the roll out of the vaccine which gives us hope that we will, in the not too distant future, be able to show that appreciation in person. We very much look forward to that day. In the meantime thank you for all the care, compassion and professionalism you bring to our communities. To us, every one of you is a hero and no words can ever adequately express our gratitude and respect.

Please stay safe and well in the days ahead.

Yours in appreciation

Fiona O’Donnell                                         Peter Murray

Chair East Lothian IJB                                 Vice Chair East Lothian IJB

Published: Tuesday, 12th January 2021