East Lothian Council’s Planning Committee met remotely on Tuesday 12th January and considered two applications.

Firstly, an application for alterations to a planning condition related to the Blindwells site and, secondly, an application for a new home in the centre of North Berwick.


Planning permission in principle was granted in 2018 for a new settlement at Blindwells, the former open cast mine site bordered by Tranent, Prestonpans, Londniddry and Macmerry. Committee were asked on Tuesday to consider altering a condition that stated access roads for the site should be upgraded before any occupation of housing took place. Planners and Transport Scotland agreed with the applicant that impact would be minimal when the first 235 houses on site were occupied. Instead, it was proposed that road upgrades, namely the installation of traffic lights at both Bankton roundabouts, must be in place before the 236th house on site was occupied. Detail of the works would be agreed between the applicant, council officials and Transport Scotland. Planning committee members unanimously agreed with this change.


Committee members also considered an application for a new home at High Street/Forth Street, North Berwick, which had been called off the Scheme of Delegation list by Councillor Jane Henderson because of concerns raised by local residents.


In the final close vote (six to five) members decided to refuse permission for the development. They felt that the height of the house was excessive and constituted over-development of the site; the proposed roof terrace would affect the privacy of neighbouring properties and the zinc cladding on the walls and roof terrace would be incongruous and harmful to the conservation area.


The relevant application numbers are Blindwells 20/01030/PPM and 14/00768/PM and North Berwick 20/00999/P.





Published: Wednesday, 13th January 2021