Turning a brilliant idea into a brilliant resource

You can watch in the bath, in bed, on the bus or anywhere that’s easy for you.

May 10 to 16 is National Mental Health Awareness Week and to mark the occasion, East Lothian Psychological Therapies Service has launched a series of mental health videos that people can use to guide themselves through difficult times. This work has received generous support from the Edinburgh and Lothians Health Foundation.

There are nine playlists, each one discussing different aspects of life, stress and overcoming difficult times. The team has chosen the playlist format to all be only a few minutes long so that they fit in with modern viewing habits

You can watch in the bath, in bed, on the bus or anywhere that’s easy for you. Whenever you’re most likely to get a quiet 10 minutes to yourself, is a good time to set aside for coming to this channel. You can jump in anywhere you choose.

The team have designed the videos in the playlists in sequence so you can follow them like a course. But they are all free-standing so you can just choose the video that sounds most helpful to you and start with that.

Peter Murray, Chair of East Lothian Integration Joint Board said:

‘I know that we have all been through the mill with Covid 19 and many people have been feeling anxious or low. These are normal feelings and, even without a pandemic to contend with, ones that most of us will experience at some time in our lives.

'These videos are really useful in helping us to understand why we might be feeling low and simple things that we can do to start feeling better. I don’t think they could be better timed than this and we are really pleased to be able to start releasing them on social media during Mental Health Awareness Week.

'I’d like to say a big thank-you to the Psychological Therapies team for all the work they put into this and to the Edinburgh and Lothians Health Foundation for their support, which helped to turn a brilliant idea into a brilliant resource.’

Jane Ferguson, Director of Edinburgh and Lothians Health Foundation said:

‘We were delighted to support the production of these videos and are extremely grateful to everyone who donated to our COVID-19 appeal and made this possible. Thanks to our community of friends and supporters, the Psychological Therapies team has been able to provide online support for people who were experiencing mental health problems while face-to -face sessions were not possible. I think the team has done a great job and these videos will be a fantastic resource for anyone who has experienced increased stress and anxiety as a result of the pandemic.’

View the playlists at http://bit.ly/elpts



Published: Tuesday, 11th May 2021