Continuation of wider spaces for active travel

Work will shortly start to install bollards on Countess Road, Dunbar which will create new protected footways/cycleways on the approach to the Primary School. A number of planters were installed on this road last year as part of the Spaces for People programme to provide safe spacing for people in line with health and government guidelines. The planters will now be removed to another location in Dunbar and replaced with bollards.

East Lothian Council’s Head of Infrastructure, Tom Reid, said: “The Scottish Government’s Spaces for People programme provided funds to local authorities to establish measures to enhance the safety of people walking or cycling in town centres whilst observing recommended social distancing guidelines. Some communities have expressed an interest in continuing with some measures as they consider they have brought wider benefits than social distancing. After consulting with a range of stakeholders in Dunbar we are installing a number of bollards in Countess Road which will continue the provision of additional space for safer walking and cycling.”

This temporary measure, installed under a Traffic Regulation Order, will run until the end of 2022 and has been well supported by families and wider school community.

Alex Davey, local resident, added: “The pavement on the north side of Countess Road, between Lammermuir and Countess Crescents, is narrow – barely wide enough for a single wheelchair to pass, certainly not wide enough for two families to pass with social distancing, and is particularly impacted by parked cars opening their doors and unloading passengers onto the pavement at peak times such as school drop-off and pick-up.

“Parking along this stretch – especially too close to the junction with Lammermuir Crescent and on the zigzag markings adjacent to the pedestrian crossing by Halhill, impacts visibility for drivers and pedestrians alike and therefore compromises road safety.

“There is ample space for alternative parking at the Bleachingfield Centre, Countess Road car park, and elsewhere in the area. If people need to park very close to John Muir Campus for accessibility reasons they may use the disabled car park at the bottom of Countess Crescent.”

Published: Thursday, 22nd July 2021