A resident survey has been launched to gauge views on services and quality of life in East Lothian.

The survey, which is conducted independently, is an opportunity for local people to tell East Lothian Council how they feel about their community, health, economic situation and public services. The council is also keen to hear how people have been affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.


The results will be completely confidential and anonymous and will inform East Lothian Council’s strategies and priorities for the coming years.


A sample of 16,000 residents across all areas will receive a postal survey while anyone can complete online – it just takes a few minutes. 


Depute Council Leader Norman Hampshire said: “The last resident survey, in 2019, highlighted very high levels of satisfaction with living in East Lothian. The results provided us with useful intelligence on areas requiring focus, for example enabling people to better influence decisions and priorities for service improvement.


“Life as we knew it was then shaken up by COVID-19 and, while the ongoing pandemic continues to pose a risk to public health as well as presenting major challenges to services and our communities, it is important that we give residents a fresh opportunity to have their say.


“This is particularly important in helping the council, together with our partners, to plan for the future and ensure the people of East Lothian continue to benefit from high-quality, efficient services.”



Published: Wednesday, 27th October 2021