East Lothian Council is consulting on a policy which outlines how schools and the authority will promote attendance and reduce absenteeism.

‘Included, Engaged and Involved: A Positive Approach to Promoting School Attendance’ is divided into three sections:

  • positive approaches to promoting attendance
  • school attendance procedures
  • alternative attendance arrangements. 

It recognises that promoting good school attendance can be a complex issue with many impacts on the individual and the whole family. When developing the draft policy and its procedures the council has worked closely with other organisations including Children’s Services and Police Scotland.

The draft policy offers schools guidance on positive approaches to promoting school attendance, school attendance procedures and alternative attendance arrangements. It builds on the Scottish Government publication ‘Included, Engaged and Involved Part 1: Promoting and Managing School Attendance’. 

While the majority of children and young people face no issues with attendance, for some families there can be situations that arise periodically or are longer-term barriers towards consistent attendance. The draft policy aims to take a holistic look at these situations and to provide realistic, supportive approaches that can be targeted to individual circumstances to promote attendance and reduce absence. This recognises that good school attendance is key to helping children and young people reach their full potential and raising attainment for all. 

The consultation is available online at www.eastlothianconsultations.co.uk until 17 November 2021.

Published: Tuesday, 2nd November 2021