A motion was approved by elected members at the full meeting of East Lothian Council on 1 March 2022.

The motion reads:

We, Norman Hampshire (mover) and Shamin Akhtar (seconder), ask the Chief Executive and Provost to express the following sentiments on behalf of the Council and the people of East Lothian urgently and in writing:

  • To the Russian Ambassador in the UK, asking that he requests his Government to withdraw troops from Ukraine immediately.
  • To the Ukranian Ambassador in the UK, expressing the Council’s support and solidarity, and respect for his nation’s sovereignty and freedom.
  • To the Prime Minister of the UK, asking that all efforts are made to welcome refugees coming from Ukraine to the UK without the need for a visa, and advise of our willingness to help in any way we can as a county to settle individuals and families whose lives have so sadly and suddenly been affected by the military action in Ukraine.
Published: Tuesday, 1st March 2022