The Loan in Wallyford to be open to buses, taxis and bicycles only for a 6 month trial

Proposals for the introduction of a temporary ‘bus gate’ that would only allow buses, taxis and bicycles to use The Loan in Wallyford were agreed at today’s (Tuesday 14 June) Cabinet meeting.

The Loan is a short road that runs adjacent to the Wallyford Park and Ride car park and connects Haddington Road and Wallyford Main Street and currently provides a through route for all traffic and access to the station car park.

As part of the Spaces for People programme in 2020 a proposal for the creation of a bus gate on The Loan was considered by community councils and the Area Partnership in order to create space for pedestrians and cyclists on the narrow section at the bridge, but not implemented at the time due to lack of availability of contractors.

 The new plans are being taken forward under a separate funding stream and aim to reduce bus journey times as well as improve conditions for other road users. During the introduction of a bus gate on The Loan for an initial period of 6 months, only buses, taxis and cycles will be permitted to travel the full length of The Loan, with all vehicles accessing the station car park from Salters Road.

The houses and businesses on The Loan will also keep their existing accesses via Salters Road. The existing bus stops will be moved from the current ‘bus link’ to The Loan helping to create a ‘Journey Hub’ with travellers able to interchange between local buses and longer distance buses, use the train and eventually access bike hire facilities.

The Park and Ride car park already contains some of the fastest EV chargers publically available and it is proposed that further facilities including charging for electric bikes will be installed at this site.

Over the 6 month trial period people will be able to provide their views on the changes and future proposals which includes the creation of safer routes to school linking to the new secondary facility under construction within Wallyford. The operation of the proposals will be monitored and a decision taken in due course on whether it should become a permanent arrangement.

Published: Tuesday, 14th June 2022