Remembering Together is a Covid community memorial programme taking place in every local authority area in Scotland.

Funded by the Scottish Government, greenspace scotland has been commissioned to work with Local Authorities to develop Covid Community Memorials and is working in partnership with East Lothian Council’s Arts Service for Remembering Together: East Lothian to create a memorial specific to East Lothian. Barbara Gardner-Rowell has been appointed as lead artist for Phase One of the project and will work with residents and community groups to explore options and decide on what a fitting memorial or memorials within East Lothian might be.

Phase One of Remembering Together will result in the co-creation of an idea or concept, which could be a piece of art such as a physical structure, garden, artwork, play, film, music, book or virtual exhibition. The memorial(s) will be created in Phase Two, beginning later in 2022.

Phase One of the project will involve various activities. The call to residents and community groups to be involved will be delivered across East Lothian over the summer months in email/postal and face-to-face formats. Workshops will then be delivered to support the creative process.

Welcoming, creative spaces will be available for participants to share their stories. Through collective acts of reflection, remembrance, hope and healing, these spaces will support the East Lothian community to process the effects of the pandemic on them.

Participants from the local community who are interested in exploring ideas are invited to collaborate individually and in groups, working with materials and objects in ways that invite self-reflection and creative thinking. No prior skills or knowledge are required to take part. Registration for The Wheel of Summer and Quipu Recollections opens on 21st June via These activities will take place by post and email.

Mapping the Local, Hand-Held Reflections and Evocative Objects are three workshops which will be delivered face to face in each of the six East Lothian wards from 4th July - 19th August. Further information on dates and locations will be promoted shortly. Again registration will be via

John Saich, Remembering Together Project Officer, greenspace scotland, said:

“We are delighted to be working with Barbara as lead artist in East Lothian. She brings a unique blend of originality and sensitivity to the project and has an outstanding track record in community co-creation. As Remembering Together takes shape nationally, we and our partners at East Lothian Council are looking forward to the inspiring and welcoming programme of creative spaces and workshops that Barbara has planned.”

Barbara Gardner-Rowell, lead artist for phase one of the Remembering Together East Lothian project, said:

“This programme gives the opportunity for me to work creatively with people across the East Lothian community to define what ‘memorial’ means for them. Some people will want a structure they can visit and to see their loved ones named. Others may want to co-create music, movement, film, an online project, a series of events and gatherings or a travelling book.”

Councillor Colin McGinn East Lothian Council Cabinet Spokesperson for Community Wellbeing, Sport, Countryside and Leisure, said:

“The effects of the Covid pandemic are ongoing and wide-ranging, touching the lives of everyone. To overcome feelings of isolation, loss and anxiety that have been part of our collective experience is incredibly important. Remembering Together East Lothian will enable our community to contribute their thoughts and ideas to create an important and enduring legacy for East Lothian.”



Published: Tuesday, 21st June 2022