New cross-party Climate Change and Sustainability Forum to be established

The establishment of a new cross-party Climate Change and Sustainability Forum was approved at today’s (Tuesday 23 August) full council meeting.

In 2020 East Lothian Council published its Climate Change Strategy which sets out the Council’s commitment to tackling the Climate Emergency at a local level and details out the vision and overall aims for a ‘Net Zero Council’ and a ‘Carbon Neutral East Lothian’ with specific outcomes, key priority areas and actions over an initial five year period towards achieving these overall aims.

Progress has been made by the Council over recent years and in 2021, despite the challenges of the pandemic, and the rapid growth in population and housing in East Lothian, the Council managed to reduce its emissions in 2020/21 by 6.4% compared to the previous year.

East Lothian Council Leader, Norman Hampshire, said: “The recent COP 26 meeting highlighted both the urgency and the need for individuals, businesses and governments at all levels to work together to tackle the challenges of climate change. Just as the impacts of climate change knows no borders so too do we recognise that all elected members of East Lothian Council have a role to play to support and deliver towards a Net Zero Council.

“The new Climate Change and Sustainability Forum will provide political oversight and ownership of the delivery of the Council’s Climate Change Strategy, Asset Management arrangements and asset rationalisation by officers and will also make sure strategic budget decisions taken by Council are in line with achievable delivery objectives.  It is an exciting initiative which recognises the challenges ahead but also demonstrates the collaborative efforts and commitments required to deliver on achieving our key objectives for the organisation and the wider county.”

Published: Tuesday, 23rd August 2022