Recycle bins at Tranent Aldi being removed

Following public complaints of repeated misuse of the recycling point at Aldi in Tranent the recycling bins for glass, cans and paper have now been removed. All of these items can be recycled by local residents using the kerbside collection service.

A council spokesperson explained: “Unfortunately this recycling point became the focus for flytipping with residents advising that items such as plant pots, stools and suitcases as well as black bags full of household waste were being dumped at the recycling point requiring council action.”

“A local environmental action group, The Tranent Wombles posted on their Facebook page that they had been to the area and collected 50 bags of rubbish and fly tipped material. Whilst we are very grateful to the group of volunteers for their positive actions helping to care for their local environment it was clear that repeated misuse of the recycling bins was causing serious problems.

“Larger items and household waste was being deposited outside the bins, and unfortunately on several occasions it was discovered that the bins had been forced open with household waste also placed into them, rendering the contents of the bin unsuitable for recycling."

Published: Wednesday, 11th January 2023