People who live in Preston, Seton and Gosford are being asked for their views on how to spend over £10,000 of council funds for improvements in their area.

The Preston, Seton, Gosford Area Partnership receives a budget from East Lothian Council for projects and initiatives in the ward. The funding is used to help meet priorities set out in the Area Plan which was developed by the community. The Partnership’s Annual General Meeting in May allocated £39,500 through member and public votes. A second round of voting opens on 28 August for the remaining £10,500.

People can vote for up to four projects from a list of ten. It includes family play initiatives, funds to support patient welfare, open days at Preston Tower, British Sign Language sessions and accessible dance classes for neurodivergent children and their siblings.

Residents aged 18 or over are invited to vote online at Younger residents can vote at and will receive Young Scot participation points when they do.

Voting opens on 28 August and closes at midnight on 1 September 2023.

Published: Friday, 25th August 2023