East Lothian Council will be working with new partner Roadvert on a development to promote businesses through advertising on the council’s full transport fleet.

Local businesses are being given the opportunity to advertise on council vehicles through a pilot initiative.

In the first instance, 10 Waste Services vehicles have been identified as appropriate for the display of advertisements. These could be for local businesses and potentially as part of national advertising initiatives.

This is a unique advertising medium for businesses that has a significant audience reach across East Lothian.

Research shows that advertising on vehicles can communicate messages to a significantly higher number of people than ‘static’ advertising channels. This type of advertising guarantees views whenever vehicles are out on roads or parked in public areas.

It provides a great opportunity for businesses to generate more brand awareness and customers and has a proven track record of delivering results and impact on the bottom line.

The cost will depend on the campaign selected. Various options can be discussed to find the best solution.

As well as supporting the local economy and business growth, the initiative will help generate income for the council in an increasingly difficult financial environment for local government. A recent report to elected members highlighted that the council will need to deliver significant financial savings over the next five years. This can help mitigate the impact of these challenges and sustain delivery of essential services for local communities.

The council will, in due course, evaluate the success of the initiative to determine whether it could be rolled out to include display on other vehicles.

Get in contact

Any business interested in this opportunity should contact Roadvert, who the council is working with in partnership on this initiative - telephone 08007720808 or email info@roadvert.com

Published: Monday, 16th October 2023