Our winter maintenance teams have been working round the clock over the last week dealing with ice and snow across East Lothian.

In certain conditions, as happened over the past few days, we can have a situation where routes are treated but then rain falls and washes the grit away. This means our teams are back to square one and drivers and pedestrians may think that routes have not been treated.

We understand that in certain areas, conditions remain challenging. We are continuing to work according to our priority system of route treatment but would ask drivers and pedestrians to take extra care at this time. It would also be helpful to park vehicles off the road if this is possible, to allow gritters better access.

While the temperature is forecast to increase as the week goes on, people should take extra care until routes are clear.

More information on our priority routes and general winter advice is available on our website. Winter maintenance teams concentrate on keeping primary routes open first, moving on to secondary routes and more minor routes and pavements when conditions allow.

The A1 is maintained by BEAR Scotland.

Published: Monday, 4th December 2023