As a result of SEPA confirming rising water levels at the River Tyne in Haddington, sandbags are being deployed in the area close to the Nungate Bridge.

This action is being taken by council teams as a precautionary measure following a multi-agency flood group meeting which was conveyed tonight as a result of heavy rainfall in the local area and the issuing of a flood warning by SEPA.  

Flooding in and around St Martin's Gate, St Martin’s Close, St Martin’s Court, Poldrate, Bridge Street, Goodall's Place, Dunollie Gardens, Gowl Close, Tyne Court, Ford Road, The Sands, Giffordgate, Church Street and Waterside is possible. Water may also back up from drainage systems causing localised flooding behind the wall in the Nungate Bridge area of Haddington.

Residents in the area are advised to take appropriate precautionary measures.

East Lothian Council and partners - including SEPA, Police Scotland and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service - will continue to monitor the situation throughout the night and respond as necessary.

Further rainfall is expected during the night although it is hoped this will ease in intensity with improved conditions on Tuesday morning.

The group is also closely monitoring the Biel Water, West Barns, where water levels had been rising. While rainfall levels are reported to be dropping in this location, residents with flood gates are being advised to deploy these as a precaution.

In the meantime, the council is deploying its limited resources between sandbag operations in Haddington and the gritting of roads in rural areas, where cold conditions continue to be experienced.

Further updates will be issued in due course.

Published: Monday, 4th December 2023