The first phase of work to address storm damage at North Berwick Harbour began on Saturday and is progressing well.

East Lothian Council obtained the necessary permissions and support from the Scottish Government’s Marine Directorate to proceed with the clear up and preparation work within the harbour and has appointed Royal Haskoning DHV (specialist marine engineers) and Southbay (a marine construction company).

With low tides expected this week, the initial work is focusing on clearing material and recovering original stone from the damaged harbour wall. Clearance of the breach material within the harbour is expected to take up to five days, with a site compound in the process of being set up. To date, around 500 tonnes of material has been removed.

In recent months, council officers working in partnership with North Berwick Harbour Trust have been planning for remedial works in the harbour. It has been necessary to follow due process including procurement procedures and to appoint specialist marine consultants and contractors, all in line with marine licensing requirements.

Reuse of the existing materials is a priority and once the breach material is retrieved from the harbour a review will be made to determine the extent of loss or damage beyond repair for key components.

A timeline for the second phase of work, which would include the actual formal repairs to the damaged harbour wall, will be established and advised in due course once the necessary permissions are in place.

The council is grateful to the Marine Directorate for its assistance in this matter.

Published: Tuesday, 12th March 2024