New lower speed limits to support the introduction of an 'Active Freeway'

At today’s (Tuesday 12 March) Cabinet meeting approval was given to introduce new speed limits to reduce the speed limit on the A199 between Dunbar and Musselburgh to 40mph between settlements. This is to enable the construction of the Segregated Active Travel Corridor (now known as the Active Freeway) to current design standards.

The Active Freeway will be a high-quality commuter cycling and walking link connecting the towns and villages of Dunbar, East Linton, Haddington, Gladsmuir, Macmerry, Tranent and Musselburgh along the route of A199. It was formerly known as the Segregated Active Travel Corridor and is a transport intervention first proposed in the East Lothian Local Development Plan 2018.

The new lower speed limits of 40mph would be introduced on the A199 between Dunbar – East Linton; East Linton – Haddington; Haddington – Gladsmuir; and Gladsmuir to Macmerry but existing 20mph and 30mph within and on approach to the settlements would be retained.

Cllr John McMillan, Cabinet Spokesperson for Environment, Economic Development and Tourism said: “The Active Freeway is an exciting initiative offering safer conditions for people choosing to cycle or walk between towns and villages in the south of the county. Just as the A1 provides quicker accessibility to much of East Lothian by motorised transport there is also a demand expressed by both local residents and visitors for active travel options recognising their particular needs.”

“I think it’s also important to highlight that the Active Freeway is supported by a range of national organisations which includes the necessary finance to realise its development. I am grateful to the individuals and groups who took the time to come along to presentations on this project held last year and others who provided comments on our consultation. Whether selecting to use this route for commuting or pleasure I am sure when established it will quickly become a popular active travel destination.”

An application to fully fund the detailed design and construction of the Active Freeway is currently under review with a decision expected by the end of March.

Published: Tuesday, 12th March 2024