A new report sets out progress in delivering on the actions and commitments in East Lothian Council’s Climate Change Strategy 2020-2025.

The report, which was presented to elected members at a meeting on Tuesday, highlights:

  • The council’s emissions in 2022/23 were counted to be 13,990tCO2e – a 10.62% reduction on the previous year
  • A 17.5% increase in the volume of recyclable material collected from the kerbside compared to 2019/20
  • The council has published a sustainable fleet management strategy, with a commitment to achieving zero pipeline emissions from the fleet by 2035
  • Carbon literacy training for council employees and Bikeability training and outdoor learning activity for school children
  • Publication of online ‘Net Zero for Business’ website information
  • Work to connect nature networks and improve diversity.

Work has begun to prepare the council’s next Climate Change Strategy, which will run from 2025-2030. This strategy will guide how the council adapts to climate change and continues to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

Council Leader Norman Hampshire said:

“As an organisation providing important public services throughout East Lothian, we recognise the importance of taking a leadership role in reducing overall carbon emissions through taking proactive action.

“The annual update highlights that, whilst we continue to make good progress on our Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan, we do face a challenge to balance sustainability goals with financial constraints. For example, in relation to zero pipeline emissions from the fleet, whilst this is an extremely challenging aspiration the council hopes national funding will be forthcoming to enable us to deliver on this target.

“With East Lothian being one of Scotland’s fastest growing areas as we play our part in delivering national housebuilding targets, it is important that continue to focus on environmentally sustainable solutions for the benefit of service provision.”

The paper can be read on the council website - item 9.

Published: Tuesday, 23rd April 2024