Joint police and community protection patrols will be carried out and mobile CCTV cameras used in Musselburgh throughout the summer months to tackle rising levels of antisocial behaviour in the area.

Police Scotland and East Lothian Council are working together following a spate of incidents carried out by a small number of young people. Youth-related antisocial behaviour is now the Community and Police Partnership (CAPP) sole priority recognising the risk such incidents pose to those involved and the wider community. Anyone found to be committing antisocial acts will be dealt with by both organisations. 

Kenneth Black, East Lothian Council’s Community Protection Manager said: “Recent weeks have shown an increase in the levels of youth-related antisocial behaviour in Musselburgh and we are working alongside partners to address the behaviour of a minority of young people from a number of different perspectives. I would ask anyone affected by any type of antisocial behaviour to report it at the time to the relevant authorities.”

Appeal to parents

Chief Inspector Ben Leathes, Local Area Commander said: “We work closely with East Lothian Council Community Protection teams and retailers to tackle antisocial behaviour across Musselburgh.

“Recently there has been an increase in antisocial behaviour involving young people, with one recent example seeing three male youths, two aged 13 and one aged 14, reported for youth offending following an incident of fire raising and shoplifting at a local supermarket on Tuesday, 28 May.

“Musselburgh sees a proportionate number of these types of incidents, and we are acutely aware of the concern this causes to our local communities.

“Positive engagement with young people is key to reducing incidents. We work closely with our partners to assist with intervention to deter this type of behaviour.

“I would like to take this opportunity to appeal to parents or guardians to take an interest into where their children have been and who they have been with.

“If anyone has any concerns, they should call police on 101 or speak to any police officer.”

Partnership working

East Lothian Council’s Connected Communities Manager for Musselburgh, Scott McKail, added: “Connected Communities is working closely with colleagues across the council, Police Scotland and the Fire service to understand how best to use early intervention work, including youth clubs and youth work outreach, to reduce antisocial behaviour in the Musselburgh area.”


Members of the public are being reminded to report all acts of antisocial behaviour to Police Scotland on 101 (999 in an emergency) and East Lothian Council on 01875 824 307.

Published: Thursday, 6th June 2024