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East Lothian Local Plan 2008

East Lothian Local Plan 2008 cover

The adopted East Lothian Local Plan 2008 sets out detailed policies and proposals for the use of land and buildings across East Lothian.  It identifies specific sites for new development as well as areas to be protected from development, or where only certain forms of development will be acceptable.  The Local Plan was prepared by East Lothian Council and was ‘adopted’ by the Council in October 2008 following a public consultation process and a public inquiry. 

The East Lothian Local Plan 2008 was prepared to conform to the Edinburgh and the Lothians Structure Plan 2015 (now revoked), containing site-specific proposals to reflect the Structure Plan's requirements.  The Structure Plan was replaced by the Strategic Development Plan for South East Scotland (SESplan) in June 2013.  SESplan and the Local Plan together comprise the Development Plan for East Lothian; all applications for planning permission in East Lothian are assessed against these two documents.

The Local Plan consists of a 'written statement', a main 'proposals map', and a series of more detailed 'inset maps' for East Lothian's main settlements.  These can be downloaded here:

The Local Plan will be replaced in due course with a new Local Development Plan for East Lothian.  This is currently in preparation and more information can be accessed via the link below.

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