Consultation on LDP 2018 Guidance

The adopted East Lothian Local Development Plan 2018 (ELLDP 2018) is supported by a range of guidance documents during its operation. These include statutory Supplementary Guidance (SG) and non-statutory Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG). These documents provide additional information on a range of planning matters and assist with decison making at different levels.

Below you will find any current consultations on Supplementary Guidance or Supplementary Planning Guidance. All consultations are also published on the East Lothian Council Consultation Hub where you can get involved or find out more on the results and outcomes of past consultations.

Design Standards for New Housing Areas SPG public consultation - Friday 8 November and Friday 20 December 2019

East Lothian Council has prepared updated draft non-statutory Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) titled Design Standards for New Housing Areas. This SPG is published for public consultation from 12:00am on Friday 8 November until 11:59pm on Friday 20 December 2019 and comments are invited.

The Design Standards for New Housing Areas SPG is available to download from the Council’s website, or you can inspect a hard copy at the Office of the Planning Authority and at all public libraries across East Lothian.

You can comment on the Design Standards for New Housing Areas SPG through the East Lothian Consultation Hub where you can view the document and complete a short survey. Alternatively, comments can be submitted via email to: [email protected] or you can post comments to: Policy and Strategy, East Lothian Council, John Muir House, Brewery Park, Haddington, EH41 3HA.