The Development Plan in East Lothian

What is the Development Plan?

The Development Plan is a set of land-use planning policies and proposals for an area. It consists of one or more documents containing information about how places should change and policies on a variety of topics, which are used to assess planning applications.

Local Authorities are required by law to prepare development plans for their area and review them on a regular basis. These requirements are set out within the Town & Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997, which was amended by the Planning etc (Scotland) Act 2006.

For East Lothian, the Development Plan consists of an approved Strategic Development Plan (previously the Edinburgh and Lothians Structure Plan) and an adopted Local Development Plan (previously the Local Plan).

Local Development Plan (LDP) 2018

Scottish Ministers notified East Lothian Council on the 27th September 2018 that they do not propose to issue a Direction regarding the East Lothian Local Development Plan 2018, and confirmed that the plan can be adopted. This adoption took effect from the 27th September 2018 and the LDP 2018 is now constituted as part of the Development Plan for East Lothian. The LDP 2018 immediately replaces the East Lothian Local Plan 2008 which is now revoked.

The Local Development Plan 2018 consists of the following documents that are available to download:

The LDP 2018 and all supporting documentation is also available for inspection at the office of the Planning Authority East Lothian Council Headquarters in Haddington, (during normal opening times), and at all Public Libraries within East Lothian.

Further information regarding the preparation and examination of the Local Development Plan 2018 is available within the pages in this section.

Strategic Development Plan (SDP)

The current Strategic Developent Plan for Edinburgh and South East Scotland is SDP1 (approved June 2013). This was prepared by the Strategic Development Planning Authority for Edinburgh and South East Scotland (SESplan). Further informaton on this can be found on the SESplan website.

Proposed Strategic Development Plan 2 (SDP2)

SESplan have prepared a replacement Strategic Development Plan (SDP2) and the Examination of this plan has concluded. Further information on progress on the repalcement SDP is available on the SESplan website