Development frameworks

Development Frameworks provide site-specific guidance in addition to the policy framework and any statutory or non-statutory guidance for the Local Development Plan 2018.They address the main development issues for the site and outline the council's requirements in respect of the development. Development Frameworks ensure that large, sensitive or complicated sites are developed in a coherent fashion and the council's requirements made clear from the outset. Prospective developers must prepare a masterplan for the sites that complies with the relevant framework. It is recommended that potential applicants entre into early discussions with the council to establish masterplan requirements.

Some Development Frameworks have been prepared for large housing and employment sites as part of the previous Local Plan 2008. These Development Frameworks are available to download below:

Pinkie Mains, Musselburgh Development Framework

Wallyford Expansion Development Framework

Hallhill South West, Dubar Development Framework

Blindwells New Settlement Development Framework

Letham Mains, Hafdington Development Framework

Mains Farm and Gilsland, North Berwick Development Framework