Scottish Social Housing Charter

Introduced in 2012, the Charter sets out the outcomes and standards tenants and other customers can expect from us in terms of the quality and value for money of the services you receive, the standard of your home, and the opportunities for communication and participation in the decisions that affect you.

The Charter is not just for current tenants, but for owners and future tenants also. It sets out what owners can expect from property management services they may receive from us. It also sets out what homeless people can expect in terms of access to help and advice, the quality of temporary accommodation, and continuing support to help homeless people keep a home. The Charter also sets out what our Gypsy/Travellers customers can expect in terms of the maintenance and management of our site at Old Dalkeith Colliery.

The Charter was developed following extensive consultation with tenants, tenant organisations, social landlords, other stakeholders and The Scottish Housing Regulator. The Government has recently consulted with the same range of groups on a review of the Charter, and a revised version was published in April 2017.

Landlord Performance Report

The Charter introduced a requirement to provide an annual Landlord Performance Report. You can also compare our performance with up to four other social housing providers at any one time on the Scottish Housing Regulator website.

Recent Performance information

In addition, our recent key housing performance indicators can be found in our Housing perfomance summary.

Housing in East Lothian

To see a statistical assessment of local housing matters in all tenures locally, please see: East Lothian by Numbers - Housing section.