Scottish Social Housing Charter

This Charter sets out the service quality and value for money that existing and future service users can expect from us. It sets out standards for easy communication with the Council and for tenant participation.

The Charter was developed in consultation with tenants, tenant organisations, social landlords, other stakeholders and the Scottish Housing Regulator.

Regulatory Framework

Our housing management is regulated by the Scottish Housing Regulator. It revised its Regulatory Framework  in February 2019. All landlords must comply with the regulator's requirements, which are published in chapter 3 of the Regulatory Framework. This framework requires publication of an Engagement Plan for each landlord.

Landlord Performance Report

The Charter requires the council to publish an annual Landlord Performance Report. You can compare our performance with up to four other social housing providers on the Scottish Housing Regulator website.

Recent Performance information

In addition, our recent key housing performance indicators can be found in our Housing perfomance summary.

Significant Performance Failures

The Scottish Housing Regulator has recently published a leaflet for tenants who may wish to report significant performance failures:

Complain about a Landlord