Housing Options Advice

Whether you are concerned about your housing circumstances or are simply looking for a new place to live, we offer housing options advice. Please contact your local housing office, or our Housing Options team on 01620 827827, to arrange an interview.

Our housing options advice service is free and available to everyone including those in council housing, living with friends or family, private lets, home owners and people in other tenures, such as lodgers.

Council housing is in short supply and is allocated strictly according to need, therefore, it is important  to consider other tenures such as a private let.

Other options include  local Housing Associations, who typically rent property below private market rates. The largest locally, East Lothian Housing Association, advertises properties at Thesehomes

Or you could look on our private rental pages  to find a suitable private let. We may also be able to assist you with a deposit guarantee through our Rent Deposit Guarantee Scheme. 

If you would like to buy but cannot afford the full market price there are affordable housing options.

If you think you are homeless or may be at risk of homelessness,  please contact our Homelessness service.

If you need advice on possible risk of homelessness, please call 01620 820107 for advice and a Prevention appointment.

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