Appearing in Court

This topic is for you, if you are the mortgagee of a property, and the lender is taking action to repossess your home. If you are part of the family and the owner is being taken to court, see People who are not tenants or home owners.

If your lender is taking you to court to repossess your home, you must get specialist advice (see contact information above for a free housing options interview). It may not be too late to stop or delay the repossession process.

Representation at Court

Haddington Citizens Advice Bureau offers a lay representation service - this means that (subject to the availability of advisers), the bureau can support you at a Court hearing. This is not the same as being represented by a lawyer, but the adviser is trained to ensure you get the best result from the hearing.

For more information, contact Haddington CAB or call 01620 824471.


If you are in danger of losing your home you should contact our Homelessness Team immediately on 0800 169 1611.