Being eligible for help

Certain categories of people are not eligible for housing assistance under the homelessness legislation, because they do not usually live in the UK or are subject to some form of immigration control.

People are likely to be eligible for assistance if:

  • they usually live in the UK and are not subject to any form of immigration control.
  • they usually live in the UK and are subject to immigration control, but their right to stay here is not subject to any time limit or condition(s).
  • they have been given refugee status, or exceptional leave to remain here, as a result of an application for asylum.
  • they are an asylum seeker who applied at port of entry, when they first came to the UK and have not yet received a decision on their asylum application.
  • they are an asylum seeker, who applied for asylum prior to 5th February 1996.

Not Eligible for Assistance

If someone is not eligible for assistance, there is no duty for us to provide housing - but we must make sure that advice is available. Households who are not eligible for assistance may be eligible for assistance from Social Services.