There is a range of options for older people. This topic helps to guide you to understand what is available in the local area. However, if you are an older person needing support, it is best to ask us to carry out an assessment of your needs, rather than guessing what might be appropriate for you.

See Assessment of Need

There are a number of ways that your life could be made easier and safer without you needing to move home and these are described in this section.

The main choices are:

  • Social rented accommodation that is designated (and particularly suitable) for occupation by older people, but which will have minimal services
  • Independent, self-contained homes with their own front door, but with the support of a scheme manager / warden
  • As above, but for customers who wish to purchase
  • Sheltered housing for frailer, less mobile people, including wheelchair users
  • Single rooms with shared facilities, and often including personal care, nursing, or meeting specific care needs such as dementia.

More information is available on this leaflet outlining choices for older people.