Repairs you must pay for

Rechargeable repairs - what you are responsible for

We will ask you to pay for any repair which “has been caused by neglect or recklessness,” as outlined in our Tenants Repairs Guide. We will not charge you for any damage that we believe to be 'fair wear and tear.’ We may charge as well, if you repeatedly fail to meet appointments..

Tenants are responsible for replacing light bulbs, of all types.

What will repairs cost?

We will estimate each repair and include an 10% administration charge plus VAT. Examples of approximate costs (including fees) are:

Item Approximate cost
Force entry and renew cylinder lock (per door) £75
Renew cracked wash hand basin (standard type) £375
Board-up and re-glaze window (medium) £235
Replace internal door (standard type) £140

What if I cannot afford it?

Where you are unable to pay for the recharge in full, you can ask us if you can pay in installments, and we will agree a payment plan, that you are able to keep to.

Can I repair it myself?

You can arrange for your own repairs to be carried out, provided the work is completed to an adequate standard. You must get permission from the council to do this.

Who pays for vandalism by someone not part of my household?

You must immediately report the matter to the police and get an incident number. If we can confirm the damage was caused by vandalism, you will not be charged for the repair work.