This is a free and confidential service available to East Lothian Council tenants. 

Tenancy Support Team

We are here to offer support to new and existing East Lothian Council tenants who are having difficulty maintaining their tenancy and to offer practical support and assistance to allow you to successfully live independently in your own home. 

We can offer this support on a basis best suited to your individual needs and this will in most cases be provided within your home although other arrangements can be made if this would be more appropriate. A leaflet explaining the Tenancy Support service is also available.  

What Support Do We Provide?

Here are some of the examples of support we provide in assisting you to manage your tenancy:

  • Setting up and maintaining your tenancy
  • Understanding the rights and responsibilities of being a tenant
  • Practical support with application forms such as universal credit,  housing benefit and the Scottish Welfare Fund
  • Referral to other agencies for more specialist advice such as CAB and  Welfare Rights
  • Assisting with personal budgeting, debt and other financial matters
  • Advice or assistance in appealing decisions such as housing benefit,  backdates and appeals
  • Assisting with the maintenance and reporting of repairs
  • Assisting with applying for Scottish Welfare Fund grants and loans and  sourcing other funding
  • Advice and support dealing with anti-social behaviour
  • Referring you for help at home such as meals at home, occupational  therapists

How Can I Receive Support?

We can only accept referrals from your Community Housing Officer but they may have been notified in a few different ways of your need for tenancy support. This could have been by:

  • You contacting your housing officer directly to ask for support
  • Another agency or individual dealing with you on another issue making contact
  • Your housing officer contacting you directly as they have concerns for your tenancy re rent arrears, neighbour disputes etc.

After the initial contact has been made and you and your housing officer agree you would benefit from tenancy support and agree then a referral form will be completed and sent for approval before your support can begin.

There is also a separate Garden Aid Scheme for older and disabled Council tenants.

How to be considered for Tenancy Support

You must be referred to the service by your Community Housing Officer. The local housing office contact details are available via the 'Contacts' box on the left of the screen.