Tenancy Changes

This section covers different events that will have an effect on the tenancy of a Council home.

The law is changing

Since the 1st November 2019, if an East Lothian Council tenant wants to make a change to their tenancy agreement, such as: -

  • Adding a joint tenant or
  • Ensuring that their tenancy passes on to someone who currently lives with them or
  • They wish to sign over their tenancy to someone else or
  • They want to sublet their tenancy to someone else for a period of time

The Housing (Scotland) Act 2014 states that they must have told the Council that someone was living with them at least twelve months before they can apply to make a tenancy change. 

Tenants are asked to complete and return a Household Form  to their local housing office when there is a change to their household.  All tenants were sent a Household Form in October 2018, Household Forms are also available from local council offices and online.

Should the Council not hold a Household Form   that includes a record of a person named on a tenant's application to make a tenancy change, we will not be able to proceed with it. 

It is very important that tenants make sure their household information is up to date - doing this protects their tenant's rights to make tenancy changes.

Please note that Household Forms  should only be returned to Community Housing offices -  and will not be accepted by other Council departments.  Tenant's will be given or sent a postcard receipt when they return their form.