My partner has left

This topic deals with relationship breakdown, when someone has moved out (or is moving out), and the remaining person wishes to take on the tenancy (or remove the outgoing joint tenant).

Voluntary Assignation

When a relationship has broken down, it is helpful if the outgoing person agrees to transfer the tenancy to the remaining person's sole name. This is voluntary 'Assignation' or 'Assignment' of the tenancy. All Scottish Secure tenants can give up their tenancy rights to someone else, with landlord’s consent. This person must have lived with them for six months. From November 1st 2019 this period will become 12 months. A landlord can only refuse permission in certain circumstances (see leaflet linked).

Download an Assignation Application Form and return to your local area office. 

Assignation Application Form

Appealing if the application is refused

You can appeal in writing within 21 days of your refusal letter, to the local Community Housing Manager - please see Appealing against a Housing Decision.

Sorting out a Joint Tenancy

If you and your ex-partner hold the tenancy jointly and he / she has 'abandoned' the property (and he / she has not voluntarily assigned their interest in the property to you), then we will usually end the joint tenancy by serving 8 weeks' notice, and create a new sole tenancy for the remaining occupier.

Getting the courts to decide who should live in the property

If there is no voluntary agreement, the Courts may make a decision about who should have the tenancy. Please see our topic on Relationship Breakdown.