What should I do if a council tenant dies

Bereavement can be traumatic and difficult. Along with coming to terms with the loss of a loved one, there are practical matters to consider. What you need to do when a council tenant dies, depends on whether the tenant shared their home.

If the tenant lived alone

You should tell us about the death as soon as possible – please contact the appropriate local area office. By law, the tenancy will end on the date of the tenant’s death and any Housing Benefit or Universal Credit will stop. You need to remove all of the belongings and furniture within fourteen days. If you would like longer, arrange this with the Housing Officer. There is a property charge, equal to the weekly rent, for any extended period of time. For more infomation, download our Death of Tenant leaflet.

If the tenant shared their home

Visit our page Taking over a tenancy when someone dies.

Grants available

In some circumstances you may be eligible for support with bereavement and/or funeral expenses