This topic gives you information on resolving a range of problems when your landlord is one of the main housing associations operating in East Lothian.

You may also be interested in the topic Being a Housing Association tenant, which gives general advice, aimed at people who are not yet tenants of a housing association. If you are not yet a tenant of a Housing Association and you want to know about applying, go to our Housing Associations section.

Information from your own landlord

Each Housing Association operates their own policies and procedures, and in turn, these will be different from our policies and procedures, so you need to look at information provided by your landlord specifically. The links below will take you to information on reporting a repair, paying your rent, getting a transfer, reporting anti-social behaviour, and making a complaint:

If you want to know the contact details for Beild, Ark, Margaret Blackwood, Viewpoint or Link Housing Association, go to our Housing Associations' contacts page.


If you have already been in contact with your landlord with a complaint, and this has not been adequately resolved, you can take your complaint to the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman.

Complaining to the Scottish Ombudsman leaflet

Ending a Housing Association tenancy

If you want to move out of your housing association home, your tenancy agreement will require that you give your landlord notice of your intention to leave. The rent will be due up until the end of the notice period. In some circumstances it may be possible to prevent you from losing your home - there is advice that will help you if you are threatened with eviction from a social housing tenancy, see Helping you stay in your home.