What you can expect

To clarify what your rights and responsibilities are as a tenant, the first place that you should look is the Tenancy Agreement that you entered into with the landlord.There are also rights and responsibilities that are given to you by law. The landlord cannot take away certain rights, regardless of what is said in the tenancy agreement. Landlords are obliged to abide by relevant Housing, Fire Safety, Health & Safety and Data Protection legislation. Below are links to further information about some of these issues.

Your rights

You can go to comprehensive guidance on your rights as a tenant on the Shelter Scotland website.

To read more about your landlord's repairing responsibilities in this guide, please go to getting repairs done by your private landlord.

Other topics in this guide that provide more information on your rights are:

Your responsibilities

There are things that you have the right to expect from your landlord, but equally, your landlord can expect certain things from you, such as paying the rent on time, and taking reasonable care of the property. You also owe a duty to your neighbours.

Legal and financial responsibilities when renting

For advice on your legal and financial responsibilities as a tenant in the private sector, visit Money Advice Service.

Repairing responsibilities

Private tenants must look after the property and avoid causing any damage wherever possible.

This involves:

  • keeping your home reasonably cleankeeping the fittings, appliances and furniture in good condition (allowing for normal wear and tear).
  • carrying out minor maintenance (for example, checking smoke alarm batteries, changing light bulbs, replacing tap washers etc).
  • making sure your home is kept reasonably well heated, so that (for example) pipes don't freeze up and burst.