Physical education

A Curriculum for Excellence sets out the important and distinct contribution that physical education (PE) makes to nurture and develop skills and attributes necessary in learners for participation in a wide range of physical activities, sport, dance and outdoor learning and to enhancing their wellbeing in preparation for leading a fulfilling, active and healthy lifestyle.

We are committed to ensuring that all pupils engage in 2 hours / 2 sessions of quality PE in school every week.

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Core physical education: 3 - 18 years

High quality PE is not simply physical activity. It is a programme of study delivered by teachers who provide a range of learning experiences both indoors and outdoors for all children and young people. It is planned, structured, progressive and inclusive. It is designed to inspire and challenge so that they can experience the joy of movement and develop positive attitudes towards active living. It will enable all pupils to improve and achieve.

Senior Phase (S4 - S6)

In East Lothian we strive to ensure that all pupils in the senior phase can have access to opportunities in PE which include:

  • participation, personalisation and choice within core PE
  • participating and competing in intra and inter school sport
  • undertaking certificate qualifications in PE
  • developing coaching and leadership skills through Sports Leadership courses
  • promoting, encouraging and shaping the legacy of school sport within the school curriculum through the Sports Ambassadors Programme