Community Hospitals and Care Homes Change Board

‘It’s great to get this work underway, and we all know that the impact of Covid will mean that the focus now has to change.

‘We intend to keep everyone who would like to be involved up to date through regular communication. We will reach out to stakeholders across the whole of East Lothian to share and engage, but given the necessity to change the original scope, I feel it important to re-engage with a number of communities involved previously. 

‘It will be a long process – nothing will happen overnight. The key thing to remember is that it’s not about doing things quickly; it’s about getting things right.’

Peter Murray, East Lothian IJB Chair

About the Change Board

The Change Board and working groups include ELHSCP officers and the IJB service-user representative. Its key aims are to progress work to:

  • Deliver high quality care and support to East Lothian's current and future older population, at the right time and in the right place
  • Ensure services for older people are sustainable and able to adapt to the current financial climate, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and national policy
  • Engage with communities within East Lothian to ensure services deliver equitably across our diverse population.

The Change Board presented an updated set of outputs and recommendations to the East Lothian IJB by February 2023 about Direction 12l.

Throughout the summer and autumn of 2022 the Change Board undertook an extensive review and public consultation with Health and Wellbeing partnerships and other groups to gather feedback and views on this work.

A full copy of the feedback report can be accessed here.


The work of this Change Board concluded with the presentation of its final report to the IJB in February 2023. 

The report's recommendations will now be progressed on behalf of the Chief Officer and Senior Management Team as part of the Provisioning Strategy Community Capacity Options Development Project.