If you rent your home, and you get Housing Benefit or Universal Credit housing element, but still can't afford your Housing costs, you may be eligible for a Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP)

A DHP can be made if you:

Claim Housing Benefit but it doesn't cover all your rent

Claim Universal Credit that includes housing element towards your rent liability


Require further financial assistance with you housing costs

These payments are not designed to be a source of long-term income and it is important to us that we help you to avoid needing this payment in the future.

If your award is successful, we will pay your DHP with your housing benefit. If you get Universal Credit, we will arrange separate payment of any DHP award directly to your bank account.

The DHP scheme is discretionary and you do not have a statutory right to receive an award.

Apply online or contact us to arrange for an application form to be issued.

Apply for Discretionary Housing Payment

What DHP may be used for? 

  • Reductions in HB or UC where the benefit cap has been applied
  • Reductions in HB or UC for under occupation in the social rented sector
  • Reduction in HB or UC as a result of local housing allowance restriction
  • Reduction in HB or UC due to non-dependant deductions
  • Rent shortfall to prevent a household becoming homeless whilst ELC explores alternative housing options
  • Rent officer restrictions
  • Those whose benefit is reduced by the taper for excess income
  • Those returning to work after a long period of unemployment
  • Those have financial difficulties during the current COVID19 pandemic

This list is not exhaustive and the level of the award may cover all or part of the shortfall either as a one off payment or as an ongoing award.