Let's make sure you get the financial support you're entitled to

The cost of living is increasing rapidly and prices are rising at rates not seen since the 1970s, this includes energy bills, food, fuel and more.

These pages shares information about financial support available to help ease the cost of living challenges faced by many local households.

A range of measures are available to help people boost their income to meet essential living costs, however it may not always be easy to know what support is available or how to apply and as a result, lots of benefits go unclaimed.

Don't assume you're receiving everything you're entitled to, always check, and if you're still struggling or in doubt, get in touch.

You can also check what you're entitled to via our online benefits calculator.

The UK government is also providing additional financial support to help people with the cost of living increases, targeted particularly to those with the greatest need.

Many pensioners are disproportionately impacted by higher energy costs, therefore in addition to the measures announced, may also wish to check if they are entitled to receive Pension Credit to help top up their income. 

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