Michael served in the Royal Tank Regiment for 20 years before settling with his family in East Lothian in 1986. He has been a very keen adopter of conservation measures and is Michael Williams MBE, Lord Lieutenant and Angela Leitch, Chief Executiveenthusiastic about a ‘sympathetic’ farming system. He has been involved in a number of conservation organisations and was awarded the MBE for services to biodiversity, conservation and agriculture in East Lothian.

Clerk to the Lieutenancy

The clerk to the lieutenancy is Angela Leitch, Chief Executive, East Lothian Council.

The Lord Lieutenant, Deputy Lord Lieutenants and the Clerk to the Lieutenancy can be contacted through the Lieutenancy Office.

The Role of the Lieutenancy

The Lord Lieutenant is appointed by The Queen and acts as Her Majesty’s representative in East Lothian.

The main duties of the Lord Lieutenant include:

  • arranging visits of members of the royal family and escorting royal visitors
  • presenting medals/awards on behalf of the Queen if the recipient is unable to attend an Investiture
  • presenting congratulatory messages from the Queen to those celebrating their 100th birthday or diamond (60th) wedding anniversary
  • participate in the civic, voluntary and social activity within the Lieutenancy
  • liaise with local cadet forces
  • recommends people for invitation to Her Majesty’s Garden Parties at the Palace of Holyroodhouse

Vice Lord-Lieutenant

The Vice Lord-Lieutenant substitutes for the Lord Lieutenant at official engagements and carries out other duties as required. The Vice Lord-Lieutenant of East Lothian is Patrick Gammell.

Deputy Lieutenants

Deputy Lieutenants are appointed by the Lord Lieutenant, subject to confirmation by the First Minister that the Queen does not disapprove the appointment. East Lothian’s current Deputy Lieutenants are:

  • Hilary Cochran DL
  • Patrick Gammell Vice LL
  • Pauline Jaffray DL
  • John Kinnaird DL
  • Elizabeth Nicoll DL
  • Iain Clark DL
  • Jane Stodart DL
  • Roderick Urquhart DL
  • Lyn Marshall DL 

Deputy Lieutenants are there to assist the Lord Lieutenant in his public duty and provide him with local knowledge in their own part of the community.