The annual salary of an ordinary East Lothian Councillor in 2016/17 is £16,893.

The council leader's annual pay with effect from 1 April 2016 is £28,157. All other councillors' salaries are calculated as a proportion of this. The Depute Leader and Lord Provost each receive a salary of £21,117.

How pay is set

The Scottish Parliament decides what pay councillors get. Councillors can also claim for travel and other costs while on Council duties.

A councillor's pay takes into account the size of the Council, and will be more if the councillor is also a Council Leader, Depute Council Leader, Lord Provost or Senior Councillor.

Pay rises

Councillors did not get any pay rises from 2009/10 until 2013/14, when a 1% pay rise applied, and for every year after until 2016/17.

Register of Payments

The Register of Payments to Elected Members shows the amounts received by elected members by way of salary, allowances and expenses.