Fees and Charges

Damages, Fines, and Reservations

Book or Audio Visual Item Lost or Damaged Replacement Price
DVDs Lost or Damaged £15.00
Fine Charge for DVDs Per Day Open £0.35
Fine Charge for Items Per Day Open £0.15
Request Charge for Reserving Items £0.60
No charges for children's books as long as borrowed on a child's card  

Photocopying and Printing

A4 Per Sheet (Black & White)  £0.20
A4 Per Sheet Double Sided (Black & White)  £0.40
A3 Per Sheet (Black & White)  £0.30
A3 Per Sheet Double Sided (Black & White)  £0.60
A4 Per Sheet (Colour)  £0.40
A3 Per Sheet (Colour)  £0.50


A4 Per Sheet £1.30
A3 Per Sheet £2.10

DVD Lending

Adult & Children's Entertainement DVDs (1 week loan) £1.50
Fine Charges (Per Day) £0.30
Box-Sets (3 week loan) £4.50
Children's Pre-School DVDs (3 week loan) Free

Sales of Withdrawn Library Material

Hardback £1.20
Paperback £0.60
Spoken Word Cassettes and CDs £2.50
DVDs (1 or 2 discs) £1.00
DVDs (3 or more discs) £2.00
Music CDs £0.50
Headphones £1.60

Events for Children

Craft Sessions (Per Child) - 60 Minute Session Priced Individually
Other Workshops Priced Individually
Bookbug Sessions Free
Reading Events Free
Author Events Free

Events for Adults

Costs may vary depending on the event  Free - £10.00

Meeting Rooms for Hire (incl. VAT)

The Star Room (John Gray Centre, Haddington)  
The Gibb Room (Dunbar Library, Bleachingfield Centre)  
The McNeil Room (Tranent Library, The George Johnstone Centre)  
The Vallis Room (North Berwick Library)  
Ormiston Library  
Prestonpans Library  
Cost for Voluntary & Charitable Organisations £8.00
Cost for Non-Profit Making Organisations £12.00
Cost for Commercial Organisations £20.00

Miscellaneous Costs

4GB Memory Stick £6.70
Inter-Library Loan £6.00
Music Scores (per score) £2.00
Doggy Bags £1.00
Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate £0.75
Hot Chocolate with Mars Swirls/Cappuccino £1.00