Types of ceremonies

Civil Marriage

A Civil Marriage is carried out by a Registrar or Assistant Registrar, normally in the district in which you intend to get married. Civil Celebrants can carry out a Civil Marriage or Civil Partnership either within their Council premises or out with Council premises providing that the Registrar is satisfied that the venue does not prove a significant risk to the Celebrant carrying out the Ceremony.

Non-approved venues

It is important to contact the Registrar at the earliest possible time so that you can choose the preferred date and time for your Ceremony.

If you are having a Civil Marriage, please visit the East Lothian venues page.

Non UK nationals

If you are subject to marriage laws outwith the UK you may also need to provide:

  • a Certificate of No Impediment (CONI).

If you are subject to immigration control you should also complete a Declaration of Immigration Status form.

Contact the UK border agency for advice on entry requirements to the UK under immigration rules for marriage and civil partnerships.

If your documents are not in English, you must provide a certified translation along with the original documents.

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Religious marriage or other belief system marriage

If a religious or other belief system marriage is being planned, the couple should contact the celebrant who is to conduct the ceremony, well in advance of the proposed wedding date.

You still need to give notice of your intention to marry to the Registrar at least 29 days before the ceremony by completing a Marriage Notice Form and by making an appointment to submit the completed form.

Ministers and priests of other religions must be authorised before they can perform the ceremony.

Conversion of a Civil Partnership to marriage

If you are already in a Civil Partnership and wish to convert this to a Same Sex Marriage.

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