Reasons why you may have received a parking fine

Parking fines issued by East Lothian council are called Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs). A contravention code is included on the PCN to let drivers know why they have received it. Here are a few of the most common examples:

01 - Parked on a length of yellow line and loading activities were not observed.

02 - Vehicle was parked at a length of yellow line with kerb markings when waiting is not allowed.

05 - Purchased parking time had expired.

07 - More parking time was purchased, after the maximum stay had been reached and the vehicle had not moved.

11 - Parked without payment of the parking charge.

16 - Parked in a permit space without displaying a valid permit.

20 - Parking in a loading gap marked by a yellow line.

21 - The ticket was issued for parking in a suspended parking place.

22 - The vehicle was re-parked in the same place within the no return period.

23 - The vehicle may have been parked in a specially designated bay e.g. motorcycle, car club, goods vehicle loading or electric vehicle charging.

24 - The vehicle was not parked correctly within the bay markings.

30 - Staying for longer than allowed in a free parking place.

40 - Vehicle was parked in a disabled parking place without displaying a valid disabled blue badge.

41 - The vehicle was parked in a diplomatic parking place.

42 - Parking in a parking place for police vehicles.

43 - Parked in a bay for the use of bridal vehicles only.

46 - Vehicle was on a red line or greenways route when parking is not allowed.

47 - Vehicle was parked in a bus stop.