Innovation project - queuing systems

East Lothian Council will be trialling queuing systems at selected dates and times over the coming years at our High-power (Up to 150kW) Journey chargers at Wallyford Park and Choose. This will include our new “bookable” 150kW charger, due later this summer.

Technology companies wishing to take part in the trials may contact

The trials will grow in sophistication as experience reveals what works, and what doesn’t work, and we increase our understanding of what may be needed at similar smart-charging sites in the future.

EV Rally 2023 non-app-based queuing trial

We started with a simple queuing lane marked with cones and signs to manage more than 50 vehicles passign through the site on 4 July 2023 as part of the Greenfleet Event’s EV Rally 2023: The Capital City Challenge. This event offered the opportunity to test a system under expected future utilisation levels that are well ahead of current leves (5 sessions per day, per charger). Whiteboards adjacent to the lane were manually updated by a marshal with expected wait times for each queuing space for the first available connector (currently 2  x CCS and 2 x CHAdeMO simultaneously usable). Information was also offered on alternative nearby 50-75kW Journey chargers (ours and private operators) for those who’d prefer to go and start a slower charge sooner – potentially getting back on their way quicker than were they to wait. User feedback on potential future iterations of the system was invaluable and will inform how we move the chargers to a more feature-rich back-office so that on- and off-site charger and bay occupancy data can be integrated and made available for viewing on electronic screens visible from queuing vehicles and via third-party apps, for those that wish to use them.