On-street residential bollard-style chargers

These chargers, which will soon make up the majority of our network, are provided close to hotspots of “on-street households” (that is, households that do not have a driveway or other safe place to park and charger at home). They can mainly be found in residential areas, and complement our core of 50+kW Journey and 7-22kW Destination chargers, typically located in off-street locations in town centres and car parks. By the end of 2022 we will have ensured that almost all on-street households are within a short walking distance of at least one public charging site.

As parking is at a premium in many residential streets we are not restricting the use of the street adjacent to our on-street charger. This potentially means that access to it may be blocked by non-electric vehicles. To monitor this practice, we are deploying parking sensors at a range of sites and have integrated some with our chargers via a partnership with Fuuse. This allows registered drivers to see whether there is a space to park, and not just whether the charger is in use, and provides us with data on parking trends. This innovative technology will be expanded to to alert drivers of opportunities to charge at at nearby core sites. 

Guide to using our chargers

Strategy and expansion plans

The bulk of the funds for on-street chargers have so far been secured from the UK’s Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) On-Street Residential Chargepoint Fund and Transport Scotland and East Lothian already has one of the highest number of chargers per head of population in the UK (top in mainland Scotland).

We are now moving on from being solely reliant on grant-funding and are exploring more sustainable alternative models, including working with commercial partners to fund, operate and maintain our growing network of chargers.

Suggestions for new chargepoints

Would you like a charger in your area? We welcome suggestions, particularly from potential EV owners without off-street parking (and therefore without the ability to charge at home).

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