We are responsible for the management of all trees in council ownership. The Councils Tree Officer and Forestry Squad, part of Amenity Services, are responsible for the management of thousands of trees in our parks, open spaces and woodland across East Lothian.

The tree section provides the following services:

  • inspection, pruning and felling of council owned trees
  • planting trees on council owned land
  • advice about tree legislation
  • woodland management works
  • general advice about trees

The councils Forestry Squad carry out work instructed by the councils Tree Officer. The squad consists of eight experienced Arborists and Foresters.

Council trees

The council is only responsible for maintaining trees on land which it owns, or for which it has legal responsibility.

We are responsible for looking after:

  • trees in streets (with some exceptions)
  • trees on council managed housing estates
  • trees in gardens of council tenants
  • trees in parks and open spaces
  • woodlands under council ownership
  • trees in schools
  • trees in cemeteries and churchyards (with some exemptions)

We are not responsible for:

  • private gardens – please contact the property owner
  • leasehold gardens (please contact the property occupier)
  • trees on trunk roads (please contact Transport Scotland)
  • trees on land directly managed by Housing Associations (please contact the appropriate association)
  • Tree Preservation Orders - read about Tree Preservation Orders 

For enquiries or more information please contact the landscape and countryside team.