Community learning and development

Community learning and development in East Lothian is delivered by the Connected Communities Service working in collaboration with a number of council services and partner organisations. This work is guided by the Community and Learning Development plan 2021-2024.

Community learning and development activities include family learning, youth work, support for volunteering, capacity building and adult learning.

Children and youth work

Find out about children and youth work happening in your local community centre: you can check online or pop into your local community centre in person.

Additional information about youth work:

  • Young Scot - for information about Young Scot rewards, discounts and other useful information visit the Young Scot website
  • Youth Parliament - get involved with the East Lothian Youth Parliament, to find out more visit the Scottish Youth Parliament website or contact the community learning and development team
  • Duke of Edinburgh - to find out more about what’s involved in Duke of Edinburgh awards or to find a group near you, email or visit the The Duke of Edinburgh website
  • Youth Link Scotland - is the national agency for youth work, representing more than 100 youth work organisations across Scotland, to find out more visit the Youth Link Scotland website

Community training calendar

Want to improve or learn a new skill? Need to take part in training to help with your current role?

We work in partnership with other organisations to offer a range of free short training courses open to all East Lothian volunteers and staff. 

For further information please get in touch with the Connected Communities team - their contact details are on this page.

Family learning

What is family learning? Children in Scotland spend approx. 85% of their waking time at home or in their communities and this provides a significant opportunity for learning. Family learning encourages family members to learn together, this includes intergenerational learning which is young and old learning from each other. Family learning activities helps parents to learn how to support their children’s learning whilst having fun. To find out about the Family learning opportunities in your community ask to speak to your local Community Development Officer.

Community based adult learning

Community based adult learning takes place in different community settings and is delivered in a variety of ways. Community Learning and Development Services offers groups and courses on parenting, health and wellbeing and personal development. If you are interested in finding out about the groups and courses on offer, to develop new skills, build confidence and self-esteem, contact your local community centre.