There are six Area Partnerships in East Lothian which are the local voice of community planning and each has a delegated budget from East Lothian Council to deliver improvements in their area.

Area Partnership members

Who are the members and how does it work?

Each of the six Area Partnerships is chaired by a volunteer member of the local community and supported by a Connected Communities Manager who is employed by East Lothian Council. The Council also provides administrative support to the Area Partnership meetings.

Each Area Partnership has an Area Plan which provides a profile of the main features of the local area and their priorities for improvement. This helps to focus the allocated budget on the priorities which local people have identified, to help reduce inequalities in their community.

What is the budget of the Area Partnership?

The Area Partnership can allocate:

  • £50,000 on general projects in the area (£100,000 in Musselburgh)
  • £50,000 of the Roads Service budget for the area
  • £100,000 (time equivalent) of the Amenity Services budget for the area

Total devolved budget for each Area Partnership in 2023/24 is £200,000 (Musselburgh £250,000) with potential to lever in additional external funding.

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